Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Management for Google, Bing and Facebook in Bristol

Tailored Campaigns

We tailor your PPC campaign to match your business needs by looking at your business, your competitors and your on-going business objectives.

Ongoing Optimisation

We regularly review your PPC campaigns performance and make adjustments to improve its effectiveness.

Monthly Reporting

Regular monthly reports give you visibility of how well your PPC campaign is performing.

AdWords PPC Management

PPC or paid search marketing provides instant results by getting your site in front of the right customers quickly. However pay per click advertising can be expensive and yield little results if not done right. This is where our per per click management services come in. We have years of experience in creating and managing PPC campaigns for our clients and we are constantly monitoring these accounts to squeeze every bit of value out of their campaigns.

How much do I need to spend?

How much you need or want to spend on PPC depends on a number of factors. Firstly is the average cost per click you are likely to be paying. This figure depends on the keywords you need to target to advertise your product or service and the level of competition there is for these keywords. The average cost per click for different keywords can vary greatly, in some cases it can be a few pence and in other cases it can be several pounds per click. We can calculate CPC (Cost Per Click) estimates for you so you can understand the likely cost before you set a budget. Once you have the estimated cost per click you can then work out what a sale for a particular product or service is worth to you and how much you are prepared to pay to make each sale. From this we can then help you work out the best budget for your business. 

Where will my adverts appear?

Depending on the PPC package you choose we target your advertising spend across one or more of the three main advertising networks we use. The main network we target across all our packages is Google AdWords. Google is is still by far the most popular search engine used with over 80% of the market share so it makes sense in most cases that a good proportion of your advertising budget is spent here.

If you choose our Silver or Gold packages your increased budget allows us to spread your advertising across multiple advertising networks, adding the benefit of advertising across Bing, Facebook and Google Display Network Partners.

How it works

Creating more than one advert allows us to tailor each advert to a specific product or service you offer. In order to compliment the additional adverts we will also work with you to create custom landing pages to match the adverts. This in turn helps increase the quality score of the advert which can help with gaining a better ad postion at a lower cost.

We start every PPC campaign by taking the time to understand your business so we can target the right search terms and geographical areas. Once these have been established we will setup the advert(s) and agree these with you before putting the campaign live.

Once the AdWords campaign is up and running we will start the process of campaign analysis and housekeeping. This process is designed to ensure your budget is being spent in the most effective manner. Typical activities we complete as part of our monthly management process include the optimisation of the campaign by tweaking the bids, keywords and advert to increase click through's and conversions.

Our Packages

Our standard advertising packages are as follow, these are designed to fit the majority of our customers, we also offer bespoke packages to customers with more specific or advanced requirements so please get in touch to discuss your requirements whatever they may be. 


up to £99 month

  • Google Adwords
  • Up to 25 keywords
  • 1 Advert
  • Monthly Reports


£100-£499 month

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Adwords
  • Up to 100 keywords
  • Up to 5 Adverts
  • Monthly reporting


£500+ month

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Adwords
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Content remarketing
  • Up to 250 keywords
  • Up to 20 Adverts
  • Custom landing pages
  • Monthly Reports

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